The Importance of Keeping Patient Data Safe

Personal data and the safe processing of that data is currently making headlines around the world.  When health and patient data is being processed the safety and integrity of that data becomes even more important.  

Neil Hunt, CTO of NewWave Health and SmartMed Global briefly overviews what we do to keep patient data safe.

Neil Hunt CTO NewWave Health

It is key to ensure that personal data, especially a patient’s details and health related data, it is treated properly and with all due respect. The health care industry together with the Information Technology industry has been working on standards for data processing and management for many years and there are many tools and methods designed to keep data safe that are being used and that are practiced across the world.

Here at NewWave Health we take the security of patient and medical data to heart. Safety, including data, is one of our company values and we have developed and deployed a rigid security strategy, that links to our Information Technology strategy that in turn links to our Business Strategy. 

By aligning these elements and following the best practices available across the industry, NewWave Health ensures that the protection of personal and medical data is always considered in everything we do. Healthcare providers and patients alike can therefore rest assured that NewWave Health is not only looking after the health and wellbeing of patients, with our connected digital health service LifeMed, but we are also looking after your data.

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