A Journey to Better Health

LifeMed enables regular monitoring of your own health whilst keeping your doctor involved so they can cast a caring eye over your progress and well being.

Patient App and Web Portal

Capture and monitor all your vital signs and symptoms and view your historical readings via the intuitive apps and portal.

Bluetooth connected devices

LifeMed comes with an optional range of wireless Bluetooth medical devices such as Blood Pressure Meters and Glucometers.


Your doctor can view the data you upload via a Doctors' Portal, so they can observe your progress and make suggestions on exercise, treatment or medication.

advice and Education

Via the app or portal, you can receive advice, hints and tips on how to better manage your condition, from diet, to exercise, to medication.

Benefits for Patients

LifeMed is the first step toward better health, less anxiety and overall an improved and prolonged lifestyle.

  • Regular monitoring of your chronic condition
  • Full support & advice from your doctor and LifeMed
  • Less time wasted traveling to and waiting in hospitals
  • Less stress and anxiety for you and your loved ones
  • And of course... Better health and an improved lifestyle

What's Included with LifeMed

LifeMed comes with everything you need to get started on your journey towards better health through digital monitoring:

  • Android or Apple LifeMed App
  • Web browser based Patient Portal
  • Bluetooth connected medical devices
  • Support from LifeMed Call Centre & your Doctor

Currently LifeMed allows you to capture your Blood Pressure, Glucose Levels, Heart Rate, Weight, Height, Temperature, BMI and Breath Rate. We're adding more measurements all the time.

Share Your Readings with Your Doctor

Once uploaded, you can share your readings with your doctor, carers or relatives. This allows your doctor to spot trends that may require intervention, advice or just a friendly word of encouragement.

View Your Historical Trends

With LifeMed's easy to use Apple and Android apps you can quickly track how you are progressing in managing and controlling your condition. This allows you, or your doctor, to make small but effective changes to your lifestyle, exercise, diet or even medication.

Set Targets & Thresholds

You or your doctor can set targets and thresholds for you to achieve (e.g. a target blood sugar level, weight or BMI). Red, amber or green lights will inform you and your doctor if these are being met, so that necessary action can be taken.