Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions. If your question isn't here, please contact us by clicking the button below.

How Can I Get LifeMed ?

You will need to register and pay the low-cost annual fee to subscribe.  Simply click on the Get LifeMed button at the top of the page to get started.

You can also download the app from Apple or Google Play app stores and register via the app.

How Much Does It Cost ?

All you pay is an affordable annual subscription fee. If you act quickly and sign up for our ‘early bird’ offer. You may also wish to purchase one of our medical devices such as a blood pressure meter or glucometer.

What do I Need to Use LifeMed ?

You’ll need an Apple iPhone 6S or newer running iOS version 9.0 or above, or an Android smartphone running at least Android Lollipop (v21).  You also need to be able to connect to the Internet.

What are the Delivery Timescales ?

The app can be downloaded as soon as you’ve paid.  If you order a device this will take between 2 and 7 days for delivery, depending on stock availability – we’ll keep you informed.

Which Conditions Can I Monitor ?

Currently LifeMed supports those with, or who may be at risk of having, Diabetes Type 1, Type 2, Gestational Diabetes or Hypertension.  More conditions, including COPD and a general health monitoring capability will follow soon.

Do I Have to Purchase a Meter ?

You will need some form of medical device (e.g. Blood Pressure Meter or Glucometer) to capture your vital signs. The LifeMed devices are seamlessly and wirelessly Bluetooth connected to LifeMed and offer good value for money.  We recommend you buy one from us, but you can use your own if you wish. Click here to see our currently available devices.

What If I don't Know My Hospital or Doctor ?

If your hospital or doctor doesn’t currently support LifeMed, please get in touch with us via the Contact Us page and we’ll discuss your options.

My Question isn't AnswereD, What Now ?

Please contact our service desk who should be able to assist you.  Click the button below or visit the Contact Us page to get in touch.