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Andesfit B28

A 2 in 1 Blood Glucose meter (which can also capture cholesterol readings) complete with a small number of test strips and lancets to get you started. Wirelessly connects to your smartphone and the LifeMed app using Bluetooth 4.0.  The latest plasma-calibrated, electrochemical sense technology means prcicely calculated results needing only a tiny droplet of blood.

Andesfit B28 Blood Glucose Meter

Taidoc TD-3140 Blood Pressure Meter

Built in BP Meter unit and comfortable cuff. Wirelessly connected to your Smartphone and LifeMed app using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Simply place the cuff around your upper left-arm, sit back and relax and the device automatically inflates and takes your blood pressure.

Taidoc TD3140 BP Meter

Andesfit B28 Extra Test Strips

A box of 50 glucose test strips to keep you going longer. Additional boxes of strips can be purchased at any time.

Andesfit BG Test Strips

Andesfit B28 Extra Lancets

You can purchase extra boxes of 100 sterile lancets so you can keep taking blood samples safely and hygenically. 

Andesfit Lancets

Andesfit B28 Bundle

Why not get everything you need to allow you to capture your Blood Glucose levels for a couple of months.  This bundle includes the B28 Blood Glucose Meter as well as an additional box of test strips and lancets. The bundle is a great way to keep testing for longer.