Connected care

LifeMed empowers the patient to take control of their own conditions and brings them closer to you, the clinician, so that you can offer better, tailored care.


LifeMed is the first step toward better health, less anxiety and overall an improved and prolonged lifestyle for your patients.

  • Access new patients, build even stronger loyalty
  • Spend more productive time with those most in need
  • Access rich data about your patients between consultations
  • Make consultations more focused and productive
  • Develop new revenue opportunities
  • Further enhance your reputation as an innovative clinician
  • Backed by KPJ and Johor Corporation

How to engage with lifemed

To offer LifeMed to your patients contact us and our dedicated sales team will guide you through the simple process. 

  • No cost to you the clinician
  • Patient self-registration - saves you time
  • We take care of the device shipping
  • Patient sets themselves up and it is quick and easy
  • Access to our Doctors' Portal to monitor your patients
  • Full support available from our service desk team